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Indoor air can sometimes be more polluted than outdoor air. You may find that your home has smells, dust, allergens, and other air contaminants that negatively affect your health and comfort. At HVAC Link, we have the solutions you need to improve indoor air quality. That includes residential, industrial, and commercial HEPA filters and other air purifier options.

How do you know that you need an air purifier? Few people realize how many problems air purification and ventilation can solve for them. If you have allergies then air purification can help. If you deal with unpleasant odours in your home or mold and mildew, air purification can help. Dust, bacteria, viruses and other concerning air pollutants can also be removed with proper air purification.
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Our Indoor Air Quality Services

We can assess your indoor air quality and help you target the contaminants that you’re concerned about. Our expert staff will walk you through your indoor air quality options and ensure you have the right solution for your specific concerns.

Handle Allergy Season

A HEPA filter can remove allergens from the air and help reduce your symptoms when you’re in the house. Otherwise, if you bring in allergens they may have nowhere to go in your home and will end up sharing your living space with you.

Clear Out Odours

While some solutions mask odours, ventilation and purification can actually remove them. Choose local or whole-house ventilation. Or get purifiers with carbon filters that remove them from the air.


Reduce Respiratory Risk

Good quality filters can pick up more than allergens and odours. They can also pick up bacteria and viruses from the air, reducing your risk of catching respiratory ailments.


What About HEPA Filters?

HEPA filters are meant for HEPA air purifiers. You will need to change out your residential or commercial HEPA filter on a regular schedule. We can do this for you or let you know how it’s done and create a schedule to follow for DIY replacement.
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We offer warranties on our selection of air purifiers. Contact us to get more details.
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We offer financing on air purifiers. Reach out to discuss your options.

UV Solutions

UV solutions or "Ultraviolet solutions" an indoor quality option that uses UV lights to kill viruses, mould, fungi and bacteria that can be found in your home or on your HVAC systems. A UV lamp is retrofitted onto your furnace or air conditioner ducts. As the air passes through these ducts the UV lamp will kill any viruses, mould, fungi or bacteria that is found before the air is able to enter into your home’s atmosphere.

Want to learn more about UV solutions and how they can help improve your indoor air quality. Contact us today!
Ultraviolet Solutions
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Why Choose HVAC Link?

Why trust HVAC Link to help you get cleaner air in your home and better indoor air quality?
Honesty: We know what an air filter can do and what it can’t. We’ll be honest about which one will really help you with your concerns.
Innovation: Our well-trained team knows more than the basics. We can get you unique solutions to solve your air quality woes.
Experience: The owner of HVAC Link, James Link, has more than ten years of experience in the industry. We can give you informed advice.
Dedication: Every member of our team will go the extra mile to make sure your air is as clean as can be and that you’re satisfied with our work.
Emergencies: We offer response every day of the year, so you can rest easy knowing you’ll have help if you need it.
Maintenance: We offer maintenance agreements to keep your air purifier running properly.
Keep your HVAC equipment maintained all year long with our maintenance checklist.
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