Choosing the Right HVAC Contractor: Owner-operated vs Corporate Chain

June 13, 2022
Written by HVAC Link

There are likely many HVAC companies operating in your area, so how do you hire the right team? One of the biggest distinctions that you’ll find is between HVAC contractors that own their own small or medium-sized businesses and HVAC companies that are part of large corporate chains. Which should you choose? It depends on what you prioritize, and on the quality of the respective companies in your area. Choosing the right HVAC contractor can be challenging, here are our tips to help you. 

1. Reviews and Consistency 

When you look online at various HVAC companies you’ll likely be drawn to their reviews. Smaller companies are likely to have more consistent reviews as they employ a small number of people and may have more ability to supervise those people. Larger companies may have some great reviews and some negative ones, and you won’t have much choice about which of their employees you interact with. Often it is best to choose smaller companies with the most consistent reviews. Consistent reviews speak to the quality of work that HVAC company produces.  

2. Local Knowledge 

Independent HVAC contractors who work and live in your area know your specific concerns best. HVAC recommendations change based on the specific microclimate that you’re in, what fuel prices are like in your area, or which manufacturers offer the best products in your area. Those in large companies who were trained in other locations, or work across the province, may not have the kind of local knowledge you need to make the best decisions. 

When working with a local owner-operated company, you are guaranteed they have the knowledge of your specific location, as they live and work in that area.  Need assistance with with your HVAC in Milton and/or surrounding areas? Reach out to the local experts at HVAC Link.

3. Prices 

When you are considering how to hire HVAC technicians, one of the main things you’ll consider is price. Of course, you don’t want to overspend on HVAC services, but you also likely don’t want to settle for the cheapest option, as they may be able to offer lower prices because they are cutting corners. There may be large differences between owner-operated and commercial HVAC companies, but the best way to sort that out is to ask for quotes from multiple companies. 

We find that smaller, local companies have fairer prices because they are not over-extended, running massive advertising campaigns across the province, or trying to expand the business across a very large area. However, it depends on the specifics of the companies in your area. 

4. Licensing and Insurance 

Many people worry that, when working with smaller HVAC companies, they may not have the licensing or insurance that is required. Our recommendation is to always check up on the status of the company’s license and insurance personally, so that you can feel confident in your safety, regardless of the size of the company with which you choose to work.  

Hiring HVAC technicians doesn’t have to be a hassle. You can get quality HVAC services right here from HVAC Link. We’re an owner-operated company with your best interests at heart.  

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