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My dental clinic in downtown Toronto is in the main floor of a condo. We have had a problem with our A/C unit for a number of years. We contacted James at HVAC LINK through one of our dental supply companies. I had originally hired them to assess our hourly air exchange for my dental operatories. Upon completing the assessment, James agreed to have a look at our units. He and Damian, a member of his service team, diagnosed the problems quickly and found solutions that will help us moving forward. I didn’t hesitate at all to sign a yearly service contract. I have recommended them to a number of my colleagues and they too have not been disappointed. I really wish I had found them sooner. They are top level professionals and get the job done.

Dr. John Mantzoris
Dentistry At The Modern

Our HVAC system stopped working suddenly one of the coldest days of the year. James responded immediately, I really appreciate him driving at night, in the middle of winter and solving the problem so that my employees had an office to come to and no work time was lost. That really proved that HVAC LINK is a capable and worthy partner.

Raf Puszynski
Owner, Roehamton Communication

Excellent service! informative, polite, very experienced and thorough, extremely knowledgeable and job done quickly and efficiently at a very competitive price, honest and trustworthy, does both repairs and installs. I highly recommend James – you will not be disappointed.

Judith Ready

We had our HVAC stop working in the middle of winter, and urgently needed repair. James from HVAC link answered our request quickly, turned around a quote for us, and completed the repair all in the same week. He also kindly helped our neighbour turn the gas back on when a different HVAC repair person had turned it off without reason.
Highly recommend HVAC LINK!

Cortney Mills

We worked together on some HEPA Air Filters and our experience was terrific! They were professional and knowledgeable and easy to get along with! I would highly recommend them! James is the owner. He’s personable and honest and reliable!

Shayne Dezenhouse