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Commercial Services

Commercial Services


HVAC Link can help you keep your place of business’ air systems functioning at their best with our many commercial services. You can call us day or night for emergency servicing, set up a preventative maintenance agreement, or to install a new HVAC system.

Maintenance Agreements

A maintenance agreement with HVAC Link ensures that your building will always be taken care of through preventative maintenance. Maintaining your air systems not only prolongs the life of the machines, but also increases their energy efficiency and decreases risk of unexpected issues. Our maintenance agreements are personalized to you and your systems needs, with regular check-ups and servicing. Give yourself peace of mind knowing that HVAC Link will ensure continuity of service so as not to disrupt your work operation. Some common services included in maintenance agreements are:

  • Filter changes
  • Belt adjustments/changes
  • Motors and bearings greased
  • Refrigerant pressure and temperatures checked
  • Voltage and Amperage readings taken
  • Electrical components checked
  • Motors and compressors megged
  • Condensers coil checked and cleaned
  • Heat exchangers examined
  • Gas pressures checked and adjusted
  • Carbon monoxide analysis performed
  • System adjusted to provide optimal airflow and performance