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While we can all agree that an air conditioner is essential to your comfort, we often tend to forget that the AC unit will require regular maintenance. Not having regular maintenance performed on your AC can lead to increased costs if the unit requires a repair, which could have been easily fixed during a routine maintenance AC service.

There are multiple reasons why you should concentrate on AC maintenance. The air conditioner keeps running continuously to keep us cool. Be it work, home, or someplace outside. You must employ the best AC repair service to avoid affecting the life of an air conditioner.
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Why Is Air Conditioner Maintenance Necessary?

1. Improve Lifespan

Regular air conditioning maintenance extends the lifespan of your AC. Regular service involves cleaning evaporator and Condenser coils as well as checking electrical connections, taking amperage and voltage readings as well as refrigerant pressures and temperatures in the air conditioner. A skilled technician will walk you through the importance of regularly maintaining the internal parts of the unit.

To ensure your air conditioner is in the best working condition, you should at least get it serviced once a year.
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2. Improve Air Quality

Serviced air conditioners ensure you are getting the most hygienic and least harmful air out of your unit and throughout your home. One simple maintenance step is to replace filters, this ensures that the air in your home has less dust, bacteria and pollutants.

With regular maintenance and filter changes, there will be cleaner air for you and your family and the units and parts inside the air conditioner will gather less dust and debris causing fewer issues in the long run.
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3. Affordable Costs

With regular maintenance of your air conditioner, you can avoid the expensive costs of a repair by diagnosing and fixing any concerns early before they become serious issues.

Avoid paying more down the road by having regular AC maintenance performed on your unit yearly.
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What Should Be Included in AC Maintenance

1. Change Filters

It is suggested that filters should be changed every 2 – 3 months, but that will rely heavily on the amount of dust, cleaning schedules, pets, allergies and more. Although this task can be completed by the homeowner throughout the rest of the year, during your AC maintenance service your HVAC technician should change the filter.
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2. Coils

Coils should be cleaned during the air conditioning service. The air conditioner's evaporator and condenser coils tend to collect dust and dirt over time and should be professionally cleaned once a year.

Doing this will ensure cleaner coils for heat dissipation and smoother airflow throughout the home.
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3. Fins

The fin of the air conditioner gathers a lot of dust and debris as it is found in the outdoor unit. An HVAC technician will have to remove the outer covers of the unit, inspect and clean the fin and other elements in the outdoor unit.

A professional HVAC technician will review these AC elements and more during a routine maintenance service and they should walk you through what they found and the next steps; if any.
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Why Should You Contact HVAC Link for AC Maintenance?

HVAC Link might be the right choice if you want to experience the best professional help for your air conditioning needs in Milton and the surrounding areas. To give you more transparency and clarity, here is why you should consult us:

Experience: Our trained professionals have over ten years of experience.
Convenient Maintenance: With maintenance agreements, our professionals will take care of the air conditioning needs annually.
Consideration: Unlike other technicians, we treat your home like ours and ensure the utmost care is given.
Transparency: After every service, we will give you a detailed bill of all the charges involved during the maintenance, with no hidden charges
Consideration: We work in your home, and we take that trust seriously. We always treat your property carefully and like it is our own.
Keep your HVAC equipment maintained all year long with our maintenance checklist.
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