Furnace Room Makeover Ideas 

May 5, 2022
Written by HVAC Link

Does your furnace room seem like a bit of wasted space in your home? They are often neglected, but they don’t have to be a sore spot in your home. With these furnace room ideas, you can have a safe and beautiful furnace room that is a bit more practical and useful than it was before. Here is our guide to furnace room makeovers. 

How Big Does a Furnace Room Need to Be? 

When you’re renovating the furnace room and the spaces around it your first question is likely to be how small you can make the furnace room, so you can give space to other rooms. There is typically a minimum size for furnace rooms built into your building codes, which you should confirm. A general rule is that a furnace room needs to be at least 50 cubic feet for each 1,000 BTU that the furnace produces. 

Basement furnace room ventilation is especially important. While renovating and adding walls, be sure not to block the ventilation.  

How Much Space is Needed Around a Furnace? 

Not only does the furnace need a certain amount of space in the room, but it also needs several feet of empty space surrounding it. This is to allow your technicians access to the unit when they need to maintain or repair it. It is also to allow proper ventilation surrounding the furnace. 

How close can you store things to a furnace? You need at least 30 inches surrounding the furnace on all sides, and potentially more if your building codes require it. That means you cannot install screens or place furniture in these 30 inches. Need help planning for your furnace room? Speak to the experts at HVAC Link.

How Do You Hide a Furnace? 

Few people like looking at their furnace when they are trying to just use their space. So long as you give the furnace proper clearance and do not contain it in a room that is too small, there are many ways that you can hide it from view. Some ideas include: 

  • Screens and room dividers: These can block the furnace from view and moves aside easily to allow access. There are also many styles of screens and room dividers available.
  • Sliding doors: Sliding doors are a great option to block your view of the furnace. They need less clearance room because they slide, which can help you make the most of a small space. 
  • Curtains: If there is a spot for you to hang rods, you can hang curtains to block the view of the furnace. 

Best Furnace Room Floors 

Few people are satisfied with the concrete flooring that basement furnaces tend to sit on. If you want to change the flooring in the furnace room, you have a few options. Furnace room floors will need to resist heat. That makes epoxy and tile great options, with wood being the least recommended option. 

Do you have questions about making changes to your furnace room? You can always reach out to the professionals at HVAC Link for advice and safety tips. 

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